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Haji Ghulam Mustafa Maiel Parwani is an official exporter of tyres produced in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Our company has long-term contracts with all tyre producers of the CIS. We have been supplying tyres to all continents since 1990. Among our permanent customers are government organizations of the Middle Eastern countries, mining companies of South America and Australia, major African wholesale traders as well as end-users in South East Asia.
The successful experience of multimodal shipping allows us to ensure the most cost-effective delivery to any part of the world using sea containers, railway and automobile transportation or air cargo in case of urgent orders.
Our partners’ warehousing terminals in Odessa, Black Sea and Klaipeda, Baltic Sea enable us to stockpile and ship combined cargos based on individual requirements of each customer. Our own innovations provide for a significant increase in the container loading capacity compared with the manufacturers’ standards.
Flexible terms of payment – ranging from various types of letters of credit to substantial deferred payments for loyal customers – allow offering favourable conditions of cooperation.
The entire range of goods conforms to the EU requirements and is certified for using in the EU member-states. Most of the light vehicle tyres have DOT certificates for the North American market.
Truck tyres of many sizes to be used for heavy trucks and SUVs are produced in Russia only and supplied as components for such factories as Ural, GAZ and UAZ. PARWANI Company offers precisely those sizes and modifications that are used during initial assembly and approved by the automobile manufacturers.
Our staff members are professionals in the field of tyres as well as in international trading operations. They are always ready to assist in solving complicated issues of delivery or suggest the most efficient solution while selecting a specific type of goods. Apart from tyres we are prepared to offer spare parts for trucks and tractors manufactured in the CIS countries Also LPG, Diesel,Petrol, Cooking Oil With foods all from CIS Countries .
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