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what we offer.

Russain Wood from Barnaul and Novsibirstk Siberya cities for wholesale to Afghanistan Ltd companies are available for doing a contract with high and digital quality.

Gaz from Neft company with Ross Neft and Tat Neft companies available in our company for export to Afghanistan market.

We offer Russian Kama, Altayshina, Voltyre, Belarussian, Belshina, Ukrainian, Rosava, Indian, Speedway, Vietnam SRC agriculture, truck, passenger tires for wholesale to Afghanistan markets shops at factory price

Official dealer of Car Oil, Ecomobil oil, and Stanford Brands from Uzbekistan oil country

We are official dealer of Russian, Pakistanis, Kazakistan cooking oil, and Uzbekistan first Grade Flour, High-Quality Uzbekistan Bean

We are dealer of Belarussian Tractor & Belarussian Tractor Spare Parts


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