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What we Imports

Tires, Batteries, Cereals

What we export

Dry and Fresh Fruits

About Parwani LTD

Parwani LTD. is an Afghan company registered in 1990 at Kabul, Afghanistan and working in the following fields:
1- Importing, TBR, PCR, LBR Tires, Vegetable Oils & Wood Board and Timber from Russia federation to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan
2- Wheat flour and eggs from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan
3- Asphalt from Russia, Turkmenistan & Iran to Uzbekistan, Afghanistan
And Export to the world countries in the following fields:
1- Sulfur, Chickpeas, Beans and Mung beans, Dry and Fresh Fruits to the world countries

Our company has been importing building materials and food products to the Uzbekistan and Afghanistan from the world countries, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia at the moment, our company occupies a leading position in the Afghan, Uzbek and Market. All imported products have passed the required certification.
A flexible customer service system allows you to find an individual approach to each client, providing a competitive price and favorable terms of delivery. Nowadays we reopened an office in Uzbekistan, we are in the seeking to reopen an office in Dubai ASAP that is in our vision .

Parwani Logo
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Our Services

Wheat and Flour Parwani

Wheat Flour

We imports wheat flour from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan Market and Export it to the Afghanistan Market

High Quality Rice

We imports High quality rice to the Uzbekistan and Afghanistan Market from India

Red Bean

We gathering Red Bean High Quality in Uzbekistan and after sorting exported to the Market of Afghanistan

Enjoy The Best Experience with Us

We provide high premium quality products and its produced by accommodating and observed ISO certification during producing procedure in our standardized factories in Uzbekistan…